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Definition of terrestrial:

  1. Adapted for the observation of objects on land and on the earth; as, a terrestrial telescope, in distinction from an astronomical telescope.
  2. An inhabitant of the earth.
  3. Consisting of land, in distinction from water; belonging to, or inhabiting, the land or ground, in distinction from trees, water, or the like; as, terrestrial serpents.
  4. Of or pertaining to the earth; existing on the earth; earthly; as, terrestrial animals.
  5. Of or pertaining to the world, or to the present state; sublunary; mundane.
  6. Representing, or consisting of, the earth; as, a terrestrial globe.


temporal, erratic, earthbound, workaday, world, sublunary, earthly, temporal, tellurian, cislunar, worldly, global, wandering, sublunar, quotidian, telluric, routine, earthen, mundane, everyday, earthy, planetal, matter, world-wide, terrene, study at earthly, body, worldwide, planetary, physical, earthlike, unremarkable, place, land, secular, culture.

Usage examples: