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Definition of terrible:

  1. Adapted or likely to excite terror, awe, or dread; dreadful; formidable.
  2. Excessive; extreme; severe.


mischievous, hard, impish, disturbing, horrifying, vehement, detestable, awed, good, imposing, welcome, implike, unnameable, life-threatening, alarming, fearful, howling, fearsome, indescribable, austere, untellable, marvelous, grand, dangerous, rattling, unfortunate, wondrous, good, big, severe, marvellous, solemn, noble, painful, bad, frightening, wonderful, awful, afflictive, puckish, stern, spartan, unspeakable, fantastic, dreadful, august, inconvenient, loathly, happy, intense, enormous, unutterable, unholy, portentous, joyful, fear, odious, grave, tremendous, irritating, distasteful, repelling, skanky, disgusting, atrocious, prankish, flagitious, awing, serious, dreaded, dread, nasty, disastrous, violent, frightful, wicked, horrendous, furious, gruesome, knockout, horrific, abominable, execrable, sore, awesome, disgustful, pixilated, scary, ineffable, direful, arch, yucky, redoubtable, stately, grievous, lousy, dire, majestic, formidable, desperate, shocking, terrific, attractive, strong, amazing, stark, indefinable, repellant, awe-inspiring, ugly, fierce.

Usage examples: