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Definition of testimonial:

  1. A writing or certificate which bears testimony in favor of one's character, good conduct, ability, etc., or of the value of a thing.
  2. Relating to, or containing, testimony.
  3. Something, as money or plate, presented to a preson as a token of respect, or of obligation for services rendered.


applicant, communicator, application, passport, dedication, graduation, documentation, ceremonial, certificate, demonstration, salute, induction, affirmative action, authentication, bid, warrant, testament, support, commencement, salvo, praise, reference, bidder, substantiation, attestation, initiation, true, confirmation, evidence, convocation, biodata, witness, appraisal, Validation, verification, tribute, character, testimony, application form, affidavit, appraise, apply, protection, recommendation, good word, corroboration, ceremony, degree, voucher, proof.

Usage examples: