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Definition of That:

  1. As a conjunction, that retains much of its force as a demonstrative pronoun.
  2. As a demonstrative pronoun ( pl. Those), that usually points out, or refers to, a person or thing previously mentioned, or supposed to be understood. That, as a demonstrative, may precede the noun to which it refers; as, that which he has said is true; those in the basket are good apples.
  3. As adverb: To such a degree; so; as, he was that frightened he could say nothing.
  4. As an adjective, that has the same demonstrative force as the pronoun, but is followed by a noun.
  5. In an elliptical sentence to introduce a dependent sentence expressing a wish, or a cause of surprise, indignation, or the like.
  6. To introduce a clause employed as the object of the preceding verb, or as the subject or predicate nominative of a verb.
  7. To introduce a consequence, result, or effect; - usually preceded by so or such, sometimes by that.
  8. To introduce a purpose; - usually followed by may, or might, and frequently preceded by so, in order, to the end, etc.
  9. To introduce, a reason or cause; - equivalent to for that, in that, for the reason that, because.


so that, which, because, to the end that, that fact, in order that, who, so, the one in question, that one, that other, for the reason that.

Usage examples:

  • I was comin' to that.

    - "The Widow O'Callaghan's Boys", Gulielma Zollinger.
  • Will he do that?"

    - "The Woman With The Fan", Robert Hichens.
  • I heard about that, he said.

    - "Gentle Julia", Booth Tarkington.