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Definition of thaw:

  1. Fig.: To grow gentle or genial.
  2. The melting of ice, snow, or other congealed matter; the resolution of ice, or the like, into the state of a fluid; liquefaction by heat of anything congealed by frost; also, a warmth of weather sufficient to melt that which is congealed.
  3. To become so warm as to melt ice and snow; - said in reference to the weather, and used impersonally.
  4. To cause ( frozen things, as earth, snow, ice) to melt, soften, or dissolve.
  5. To melt, dissolve, or become fluid; to soften; - said of that which is frozen; as, the ice thaws.


overheat, unthaw, clear up, blend, intergovernmental, evaporate, disband, move on, clear, resolve, cloud, chill, the heat, unfreeze, disappear, the international community, freeze, friendly, flow, toast, stiffen, heating, butcher, mollify, adapt, open up, convert, ease, scorcher, deliquesce, mellow, fuse, free, relax, meld, exchange, fickle, revise, melt, the global village, warm up, carve, unblock, close in, renounce, blanch, backpedal, change your mind, butchery, cool, dethaw, beat, soften, break through, flux, friendship, Indian summer, capitulate, solid, butter, relent, brighten up, friend, fade away, mellow out, melt away, heat, see reason/sense, international relations, lift, release, fry, freeze up, harden, defrost, loosen, heat wave, fade out, melt down, congeal, bake, warming, move with the times, multinational, fade, cool off, dog days, dismiss, melting, thawing, break up, multination, warm, break, bone.

Usage examples: