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Definition of theatre:

  1. A place or region where great events are enacted; as, the theater of war.
  2. A sphere or scheme of operation.
  3. An edifice in which dramatic performances or spectacles are exhibited for the amusement of spectators; anciently uncovered, except the stage, but in modern times roofed.
  4. Any room adapted to the exhibition of any performances before an assembly, as public lectures, scholastic exercises, anatomical demonstrations, surgical operations, etc.
  5. That which resembles a theater in form, use, or the like; a place rising by steps or gradations, like the seats of a theater.


field of force, battlefield, home, sign of the zodiac, mansion, discipline, house, field of study, bailiwick, airfield, area, theatre of operations, field of view, plain, field of operation, field, firm, flying field, dramaturgy, athletic field, champaign, household, playing field, orbit, domain, theater of operations, subject field, field of operations, dramatic art, star sign, theater, field of battle, landing field, sphere, family, menage, dramatics, battleground, subject area, planetary house, line of business, force field, arena, playing area, subject, field of honor, study, business firm, sign.

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