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Definition of theoretical:

  1. Pertaining to theory; depending on, or confined to, theory or speculation; speculative; terminating in theory or speculation: not practical; as, theoretical learning; theoretic sciences.


general, tentative, ideal, assumed, vague, transcendent, analytical, postulated, intellectual, ideal, suppositional, transcendental, formularized, philosophical, in the realm of ideas, metaphysical, academic, speculative, stated as a premise, suppositious, supposed, pure, in theory, abstractive, open to proof, a priori, conjectural, transcendental, real, unproved, instanced, contingent, imaginative, hypothetic, hypothetical, theory-based, notional, theoretic, idealized, formalistic, in the abstract, ideational, codified, technical, supposititious, unsubstantiated, problematical, logical, on paper, abstract.

Usage examples: