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Definition of thieve:

  1. To practice theft; to steal.


liquidate, purloin, pinch, neutralise, neutralize, cop, surcharge, overcharge, do in, tell on, shit, pilfer, pick up, collar, give away, snitch, appropriate, lift, arrest, nail, pluck, pocket, steal, snatch, denounce, give, nab, hook, gazump, addict, snarf, soak, sneak, scratch off, fling off, waste, drop, swipe, snare, stag, rat, solicit, accost, crimes, rip off, knock off, plume, steal, misappropriate, shave, nobble, boost, toss off, nip, rob, dash off, abstract, cabbage, nick, shop, betray, glom, crochet, fleece, filch, apprehend, heist, grass.

Usage examples: