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Definition of thirst:

  1. A sensation of dryness in the throat associated with a craving for liquids, produced by deprivation of drink, or by some other cause ( as fear, excitement, etc.) which arrests the secretion of the pharyngeal mucous membrane; hence, the condition producing this sensation.
  2. Fig.: A want and eager desire after anything; a craving or longing; - usually with for, of, or after; as, the thirst for gold.
  3. To feel thirst; to experience a painful or uneasy sensation of the throat or fauces, as for want of drink.
  4. To have a thirst for.
  5. To have a vehement desire.


inclination, taste, thirstiness, proclivity, appetency, zest, propensity, liking, famish, disposition, hunger, yen, stomach, starve, aridity, hungriness, proneness, impulse, appetence, lust, crave, aridness, appetite, relish.

Usage examples: