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Definition of This:

  1. As a demonstrative pronoun, this denotes something that is present or near in place or time, or something just mentioned, or that is just about to be mentioned.
  2. As an adjective, this has the same demonstrative force as the pronoun, but is followed by a noun; as, this book; this way to town.


last, the indicated, life-size, call up, along, the present, busy signal, then, here, all, nigher, isometric, whenever, really, deeply, a lot, disproportionate, busy, (all) joking aside/apart, closer, call back, by, three-quarter, indeed, about, caller, across, boo, particularly, full-size, beyond, dial, cut off, that, until, greatly, around, answer, have you heard (the one) about?/did you hear about?, immensely, thoroughly, hither, aforementioned, so, when, apart, very, what do you get if you cross a something with a something else?, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, already stated, before, double, call in, ahead, call, well, (there's) many a true word spoken in jest, sometime, after.

Usage examples: