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Definition of thoroughgoing:

  1. Going all lengths; extreme; thoroughplaced; - less common in this sense.
  2. Going through, or to the end or bottom; very thorough; complete.


definite, provident, painstaking, categorical, methodical, crashing, absolute, complete, primitive, dead, unequivocal, damned, innate, organic, damn, thorough, resounding, native, intensive, staring, arrant, in-depth, ingrained, radical, rank, double-dyed, flat, profound, constitutional, plain, unrelieved, stark, utter, essential, big, entire, unadulterated, unqualified, full-dress, full-scale, unmitigated, clean, regular, plumb, natural, cautious, blooming, straight-out, unlimited, consummate, stone, careful, positive, sound, total, blank, dreadful, meticulous, downright, fundamental, exact, exhaustive, cotton-picking, bodacious, unreserved, outright, unalloyed, pure, everlasting, good, deadly, original, out-and-out, simple, gross, unconditional, organized, very, extreme, unbounded, perfect, thoroughpaced, fair, flat-out, limited, Midland, sodding, sheer, systematic, all-out, comprehensive.

Usage examples: