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Definition of thrash:

  1. To beat, as corn, in order to separate the seed from the straw; to beat soundly; to work at thrashing.


pitch, cast away, flounder, trim, paste, bunk, clobber, overcome, fit, defeat, escape, punch, jactitate, hightail it, tromp, fidgety, writhe, horsewhip, backup, slam, skim, surpass, wriggle, fidget, flutter, slash, rout, fling, pound, wallop, tan, talk over, contort, pelt, background music, thresh, slate, bung up, toss out, jiggle, bludgeon, blues, whomp, ambient, head for the hills, trounce, turn tail, run, toss, belt, smear, hide, hammer, dispose, move, work, sky, scourge, cowhide, squirm, massacre, paddle, snow under, rough, lap up, drub, skim off, squiggle, strap, lash, punish, throw out, bastinado, switch, attack, slog, bat, punish, worst, lather, moot, flap down, jig, do, convulsion, lay into, belabor, bang, twitch, smash, jerk, miller, fiddle, cut down, pummel, annihilate, welt, discuss, cream, mosh, chastise, bomb, bury, throw away, acid house, scat, cudgel, figure out, discard, smite, flip, mill, husk, work over, skin, bluegrass, beat, vanquish, steamroller, break away, rap, hit, convulse, baste, cast out, crush, bash, whale, toss around, gash, punch out, mill wheel, conquer, millstone, beat up, swing, lick, assault, thrash about, smack, overpower, puzzle out, slam dance, bebop, lap, overwhelm, stun, flatten, scarper, spank, reward, toss away, work out, wiggle, smoke, chuck, throw, lambaste, buffet, rawhide, pommel, put away, thump, maul, backing, strike, go into a huddle, thresh about, bruise, fib, whop, batter, blow away, castigate, cast aside, shellac, solve, cream off, fly the coop, flagellate, contortion, stoneground, flail, run away, lam, leather, twist, whup, wax, whip, club, flog, curry, acid jazz, words, bhangra, assail, dust, kick around, birch, lace, skunk, chuck out, win, mess, smother, malt, knock out, take to the woods.

Usage examples: