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Definition of threatening:

  1. a. & n. from Threaten, v.
  2. of Threaten


hard, with child, cloggy, labored, laboured, foresight, fleshy, impenetrable, ugly, sour, grueling, sound, great, expectant, grave, saturnine, lumbering, menacing, dour, punishing, ill, gruelling, cloudy, ominous, leaden, enceinte, glowering, glum, ponderous, gravid, sinister, inauspicious, dense, big, alarming, black, backbreaking, moody, weighed down, clayey, toilsome, profound, near, intemperate, forbidding, impending, large, baneful, sullen, operose, wakeless, sonorous, overweight, grim, dark, baleful, arduous, minatory, lowering, weighty, heavy, morose, grievous, laborious, minacious, imminent.

Usage examples: