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Definition of thrift:

  1. A thriving state; good husbandry; economical management in regard to property; frugality.
  2. One of several species of flowering plants of the genera Statice and Armeria.
  3. Success and advance in the acquisition of property; increase of worldly goods; gain; prosperity.
  4. Vigorous growth, as of a plant.


careful, credit union, skimping, minginess, banker, closeness, economic, clearinghouse, save, economical, clearing bank, the Fed, thrifty, economies, building society, providence, frugal, ungenerous, penny-pinching, the FDIC, husbandry, tightfistedness, niggardliness, bank, counting house, parsimoniousness, scrimping, niggardness, parsimony, thriftiness, sparing, central bank, saving.

Usage examples: