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Definition of thrill:

  1. A breathing place or hole; a nostril, as of a bird.
  2. A drill. See 3d Drill, 1.
  3. A sensation as of being thrilled; a tremulous excitement; as, a thrill of horror; a thrill of joy.
  4. A warbling; a trill.
  5. Hence, to affect, as if by something that pierces or pricks; to cause to have a shivering, throbbing, tingling, or exquisite sensation; to pierce; to penetrate.
  6. To feel a sharp, shivering, tingling, or exquisite sensation, running through the body.
  7. To hurl; to throw; to cast.
  8. To perforate by a pointed instrument; to bore; to transfix; to drill.
  9. To pierce, as something sharp; to penetrate; especially, to cause a tingling sensation that runs through the system with a slight shivering; as, a sharp sound thrills through the whole frame.


pall, quivering, capture someone's interest/imagination/attention, gelidity, rushing, shudder, high, intoxicate, iron boot, outburst, knock, excited, blossom, dazzle, bloom, swing, refreshment, interest, trembling, bearing, throb, arouse, inspiration, guardianship, beef, palpitation, fringe, upsurge, squawk, titillation, fluctuate, prime, proclaim, electrify, flush, boost, hit, rosiness, agitate, explosive charge, sexy, totter, oscillate, extol, shakiness, glow, stimulation, direction, go mad, jar, tremor, frisky, vacillate, tutelage, pulsate, reel, bitch, frisson, crackle, spin around, excitement, desire, clap, flash, bash, twitch, flower, souse, inspire, sway, tickle, fit, quaver, enthusiasm, go berserk, tremble, attract, shivering, wallop, strike, motivate, delight, wave, escapism, exhilaration, jounce, kicking, go crazy, binge, eruption, enrapture, spasm, complaint, waver, burster, quake, soak, change, efflorescence, good feeling, chill, bam, twitter, flap, hover, blush, laud, enthuse, glorify, hurry, resonate, flutter, hit it up, intrigue, lift, exalt, crowd pleaser, rush, exhilarate, heyday, joggle, send, armorial bearing, peak, smasher, on the pull, randy, vibrate, vibration, tickle pink, fun, amusement, bang, recoil, heraldic bearing, accusation, beatify, jolt, animate, pulse, swoon, electric charge, gush, tic, jollies, exult, shiver, twinge, care, excite, the boot, want, lick your lips, iciness, tingling, haste, iron heel, vellicate, outpouring, mission, quiver, fire someone with enthusiasm, invigorate, blast, spurt, belt, inebriate, shaking, transport, titillate, repetition, hot, enliven, commission, gripe, billing, activity, brandish, tingle, kick, impulse, surge, rock, enjoyment, hot flash, prickling, carry away, spate, cathexis, boot, charge, smash, shake, buzz, bursting charge.

Usage examples: