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Definition of throughout:

  1. In every part; as, the cloth was of a piece throughout.
  2. Quite through; from one extremity to the other of; also, every part of; as, to search throughout the house.


completely, passim, after, in all respects, ahead, to the end, from one end to the other, from top to bottom, around, head and shoulders, round, all over, up to the brim, through, within, at full length, over, high and low, up and down, far and wide, down to the ground, every bit, part, in, inside and out, from beginning to end, hide and hair, in every place, in everything, across, end-to-end, for the duration, apart, everywhere, along, everyplace, on all accounts, before, at, in the midst of something, beyond, from the word go, by, about.

Usage examples: