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Definition of thrush:

  1. An affection of the mouth, fauces, etc., common in newly born children, characterized by minute ulcers called aphthae. See Aphthae.
  2. An inflammatory and suppurative affection of the feet in certain animals. In the horse it is in the frog.
  3. Any one of numerous species of singing birds belonging to Turdus and allied genera. They are noted for the sweetness of their songs.
  4. Any one of numerous species of singing birds more or less resembling the true thrushes in appearance or habits; as the thunderbird and the American brown thrush ( or thrasher). See Brown thrush.


bubonic plague, bluejay, avian flu, dwarf hermit, chlamydia, bantam, brown, bilharzia, wood, AIDS, the Black Death, hermit, russet-backed, amoebic dysentery, budgie, bobwhite, willow, budgerigar, olive-backed, black lung, bird flu, bird of paradise, chickenpox.

Usage examples: