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Definition of thud:

  1. A dull sound without resonance, like that produced by striking with, or striking against, some comparatively soft substance; also, the stroke or blow producing such sound; as, the thrud of a cannon ball striking the earth.
  2. To make, or strike so as to make, a dull sound, or thud.


bop, crump, clip, lump, crinkle, clout, pound, clod, thwack, wham, hit, cuff, stripe, stroke, noise, crunch, beat, crease, lash, biff, pitch, box, hunker, groan, attack, thump, swat, douse, hack, rap, wrinkle, bash, larrup, fillip, dab, whack, pick, crisp, hum, boom, scrunch, crouch, beep, stinger, buffet, dull sound, wallop, ruckle, haymaker, pelt, slug, chunk, slam, bat, ball, smack, poke, hook, crack, clustering, thumping, moan, strike, slap, grumble, chop, sock, cluster, plop, glob, smash, drone, plump, switch, bang, squat, hunker down, clang, blast, swipe, caterwaul, clap, spank, bunch, blare, knock, clack, bust, clunk, clump, belt, lick, scrunch up, welt, clank, clash, whop, sounds, punch, growl.

Usage examples: