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Definition of thug:

  1. An assassin; a ruffian; a rough.
  2. One of an association of robbers and murderers in India who practiced murder by stealthy approaches, and from religious motives. They have been nearly exterminated by the British government.


punk rock, hoodlum, strong-armer, gangbanger, roughneck, yegg, exhaust hood, gangsta, goon, con artist, tough, yobo, lout, conman, gang leader, poser, racketeer, crimes, street fighter, cowl, fence, touchwood, spunk, punk, hood, bonnet, kindling, stumblebum, accessory, arsonist, yob, lens hood, abductor, punk rocker, cowling, tinder, homey, con woman, clod, drug lord, cap, gangster, gorilla, mug, yobbo, lummox, oaf, homeboy, toughie, gorilla, attack, drug baron, plug-ugly, lubber, sticker, rowdy, gawk, child molester, mobster, stumper, lump.

Usage examples: