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Definition of thump:

  1. A blow or knock, as with something blunt or heavy; a heavy fall.
  2. The sound made by the sudden fall or blow of a heavy body, as of a hammer, or the like.
  3. To give a thump or thumps; to strike or fall with a heavy blow; to pound.
  4. To strike or beat with something thick or heavy, or so as to cause a dull sound.


horn in, intrude, stupefy, pound, flummox, jab, bunch, crump, plop, pry, cut, circumvent, nonplus, scrunch, clump, exhaust, noise, drum, shell, calamity, ticktock, stripe, puzzle, outsmart, stab, scramble, beat, get, crush, ticktack, dig, tucker, overreach, tick, amaze, impound, cuff, mystify, outwit, attack, tucker out, outfox, wallop, strike, cluster, beat out, disaster, poke, vanquish, buffet, thumping, thud, clod, dumbfound, trounce, beat up, shock, bop, concussion, quiver, sounds, lump, ram, box, ball, lumber, clunk, stick, pulsate, bewilder, pose, nose, gravel, baffle, stroke, glob, bunk, wash up, prod, pounding, vex, clustering, work over, pound up, thrum, chunk, lash, perplex, ram down, misfortune, blow, pound off.

Usage examples: