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Definition of thumping:

  1. Heavy; large.
  2. of Thump


lump, particularly, severely, really, extra, surpassingly, sorely, hugely, intensely, chunk, glob, majorly, roaringly, clunk, such, cluster, seriously, extremely, badly, uncommonly, far, dang, sore, eminently, especially, that, dull, roaring, monstrous, real, big, thump, mortally, highly, supremely, incredibly, too, ever, so, mightily, rattling, spanking, enormously, clustering, mighty, bone, damn, stinking, thud, awful, whopping, achingly, most, deadly, bunch, way, vastly, corking, terribly, damned, immensely, humongous, colossally, super, beastly, wildly, unreverberant, fiercely, full, frightfully, greatly, blisteringly, almighty, nonresonant, right, large, awfully, specially, filthy, passing, jolly, fabulously, ball, unco, clump, wicked, walloping, vitally, archly, much, heavily, desperately, fantastically, exceedingly, thudding, clod.

Usage examples: