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Definition of tick off:

Synonyms for tick off:

brand, check out, delay, check over, irritate, click, control, correspond, ascertain, hold in, strike out, stop, moderate, determine, assure, abuse, differentiate, raise your voice, scar, check, scratch, mark, retard, beat, discipline, watch, label, jump down someone's throat, bother, hold back, notice, learn, tell off, bite someone's head off, denounce, frustrate, pock, mark off, check up on, annoy, find out, condition, scold, strike off, see, hold, ticktack, curb, tag, checker, commemorate, mark out, arrest, stigmatize, note, tick, train, chequer, gibe, tally, rage, break, go over, punctuate, check off, ticktock, madden, suss out, nock, anger, stigmatise, tear into, pit, crack, agree, see to it, cross off, provoke, cross out, infuriate, set, score, let fly, scratch out, turn back, check into, drive someone mad, lash out, contain, distinguish, retick, match, look into, grade, ensure, jibe, fit, antagonize, insure.