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Definition of tie up:

Synonyms for tie up:

rack, the America's Cup, hog-tie, call it a day/night, oblige, standoff, stalemate, boater, draw up, canoe, connexion, amalgamation, gag, organize, come to, bandage, buy out, obligate, do up, logjam, predicament, draw, wrap up, delay, stoppage, enclose, outdoor stage, necktie, boating, relation, continue, cooperation, shackle, hold back, immobilization, anchor, plan, backup, stop, clear, partnership, hookup, trammel, complete, hold fast, inhibit, crosstie, manacle, impede, close, embarrassment, stick to, think ahead, bail out, hinder, problem, bandstand, cramp, carry through, buckle, tie beam, stick, arrange, point of view, combine, standstill, secure, gridlock, moor, finish with, fetter, fix, handcuff, railroad tie, map out, package, wrap, link, end, tie down, harness, Bros., splice, tailback, brake, amalgamate, wedge, finalize, base, dead end, union, demerger, constipate, adhere, alliance, the Admiral's Cup, impasse, pedestal, stall, bottleneck, attach, connection, wharf, obstruct, viewpoint, bind, berth, confederation, deadlock, orchestrate, jam, bind off, conclude, drag, collaboration, complication, get through, liaison, demerge, embarrass, hobble, sleeper, tie-in, short-circuit, inconvenience, obstacle, beach, truss, bond, consolidate, hold, clog, stand, barrier, tie, handicap, association, chain, interfere, linkup, encumber, jam-up, tether, snarl, stymie, relationship, dream up, sales booth, hold up, yoke, standpoint, affiliation, ahoy, contract out.