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Definition of timid:

  1. Wanting courage to meet danger; easily frightened; timorous; not bold; fearful; shy.


incertain, faint-hearted, hesitant, intimidated, lightheaded, worn out, backward, diffident, cautious, vague, shy, unmanful, timorous, half-hearted, faded, fatigued, restraint, pendulous, listless, shadowy, vacillant, light, uncertain, swooning, trepid, retiring, retiring, self-effacing, submissive, coy, shamefaced, faltering, unmanly, tentative, faint, decide, purposeless, halting, irresolute, mousey, languid, bashful, wispy, ill-defined, worn down, withdrawn, dim, indecisive, light-headed, unconfident, wearied, unmanlike, weak, feeble, shilly-shally, unsure, worn, mousy, indistinct, fainthearted, exhausted, vacillatory.

Usage examples: