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Definition of tinker:

  1. A mender of brass kettles, pans, and other metal ware.
  2. A skate.
  3. A small mortar on the end of a staff.
  4. A young mackerel about two years old.
  5. One skilled in a variety of small mechanical work.
  6. The razor- billed auk.
  7. The silversides.
  8. To busy one's self in mending old kettles, pans, etc.; to play the tinker; to be occupied with small mechanical works.
  9. To mend or solder, as metal wares; hence, more generally, to mend.


take apart, fiddle, help, tamper, toy, muck around, mender, trifle, potter, diddle, tinkerer, goldbrick, shrink from, muck about, potter around, putter, putter around, meddle, monkey, fiddler, mess, play, chub mackerel, botch, Scomber japonicus, repair, trifle with, monkey with, monkey around, play with, twiddle, shirk, touch, mess around, fidget, fool.

Usage examples: