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Definition of tiptop:

  1. The highest or utmost degree; the best of anything.
  2. Very excellent; most excellent; perfect.


point, summit meeting, acme, efflorescence, circus tent, crown, great, elevation, bloom, first-rate, pinnacle, boss, blossom, meridian, apex, superlative, big top, tallness, dandy, excellent, upper side, tophole, line of longitude, round top, best, extremum, capital, brag, tops, cover, terrific, superb, uppermost, a-one, first-class, banner, lift, crack, flush, blue-ribbon, tip, superior, fine, supreme, top side, crest, topflight, raising, altitude, bully, summit, stature, teetotum, natural elevation, top, prime, upside, swell, superlative degree, topnotch, aggrandisement, spinning top, flower, quality, super, vizor, highest, whirligig, visor, aggrandizement, champion, splendid, heyday, good, peak, eyeshade, ace, choice, vertex, height, top of the inning, bill.

Usage examples: