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Definition of tittle-tattle:

  1. An idle, trifling talker; a gossip.
  2. Idle, trifling talk; empty prattle.
  3. To talk idly; to prate.


let the cat out of the bag, visit, sing, natter, newsmonger, prattle, chin-wag, rumourmonger, click, chitchat, rumor, shoot the breeze, scuttlebutt, chit-chat, gossiper, twaddle, brattle, jaw, cajole, mutter, spill the beans, talk, gabble, piffle, claver, gibber, mussitate, tattle, confabulate, blab out, words, blabber, blab, hearsay, confab, gab, cluck, chin-wagging, word, chatter, wheedle, causerie, babble out, gabfest, palaver, inveigle, sweet-talk, prate, mumble, report, rumormonger, chat, clack, maunder, gossipry, claver, babble, chew the fat, peach, talebearing, chaffer, small talk, clatter, comment, coax, blarney, gossip, gossipmonger.