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Definition of toady:

  1. A coarse, rustic woman.
  2. A mean flatterer; a toadeater; a sycophant.
  3. To fawn upon with mean sycophancy.


flunky, over, creep, grovel, kowtow, cower, truckle, dew worm, nightwalker, play up, kotow, genuflect, absorb, crawler, sop up, draw, take up, crawl, cozy up, scrape, cringe, adulator, cotton up, suck, praise, soak up, flunkey, fawn, creeper, take in, courtier, nightcrawler, ass-kisser, imbibe, shine up, bootlick, earthworm, sidle up, wiggler, sycophant, fishing worm, suck up, fishworm, angleworm, apple-polisher, red worm, lackey.

Usage examples: