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Definition of toilsome:

  1. Attended with toil, or fatigue and pain; laborious; wearisome; as, toilsome work.


knockout, unvoiced, dense, moiling, operose, voiceless, grave, leaden, punishing, sweaty, killer, surd, herculean, fleshy, grievous, strong, pick-and-shovel, grueling, exhausting, straining, labored, killing, with child, heavy, persnickety, expectant, gravid, great, sound, hellacious, laborious, lowering, exacting, clayey, weighed down, cloggy, big, ponderous, testing, concentrated, tall, stiff, wakeless, lumbering, arduous, large, overweight, challenging, labourious, rigorous, taxing, sullen, sonorous, intemperate, enceinte, weighty, Augean, hard, effortful, threatening, backbreaking, profound, impenetrable, murderous, gruelling, laboured.

Usage examples: