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Definition of topple:

  1. To fall forward; to pitch or tumble down.
  2. To throw down; to overturn.


trip, nose-dive, crumble, catapult, divest, pitch, latch on, advancement, push over, overturn, tippytoe, overthrow, tilt, get wise, stumble, knock over, elevation, resist, get it, horizontal, twig, tiptoe, help, go down, elevate, get onto, lean, slant, fall in, tap, go over, aggrandizement, fee, catch on, spill, collapse, break down, exalt, upset, cotton on, subside, give way, rise, bump up, subvert, whirl around, downgrade, bung, overthrow, cave in, turn over, move, change, tip off, crumple, bring down, angle, win, go under, go down, unhorse, capsize, tip, demote, surrender, whirl.

Usage examples: