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Definition of tortuous:

  1. Bent in different directions; wreathed; twisted; winding; as, a tortuous train; a tortuous train; a tortuous leaf or corolla.
  2. Fig.: Deviating from rectitude; indirect; erroneous; deceitful.
  3. Injurious: tortious.
  4. Oblique; - applied to the six signs of the zodiac ( from Capricorn to Gemini) which ascend most rapidly and obliquely.


problematic, snarly, elaborate, curving, involved, flexuous, devious, repetition, confused, copious, windy, gnarled, twisting, curling, wandering, baffling, deceitful, wicked, labyrinthine, contorted, complicated, straight, bending, knotted, crooked, twisted, snarled, sinuous, sinuous, gnarly, twisty, elusive, incomprehensible, problematical, indirect, oblique, convoluted, curled, curved, curvy, tangled, meandrous, snaky, perverse, Byzantine, crazy, complex, intricate, snaky, anfractuous, tough, rambling, tricky, difficult, winding, convolute, roundabout, mired, circular, confusing, voluminous, knotty, knobbed.

Usage examples: