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Definition of tot:

  1. A drinking cup of small size, holding about half a pint.
  2. A foolish fellow.
  3. Anything small; - frequently applied as a term of endearment to a little child.
  4. Lit., so much; - a term used in the English exchequer to indicate that a debt was good or collectible for the amount specified, and often written opposite the item.
  5. To add; to count; to make up the sum of; to total; - often with up.
  6. To mark with the word tot; as, a totted debt. See Tot, n.


resume, toddler, total, check, summarise, drop, chalk up, come, summate, sip, tote up, kid, impart, snort, kin, rack up, dram, sum, infant, bestow, add up, child, supply, tot up, tally, agree, gibe, youngster, jigger, nip, innocent, hit, ingestion, score, bring, bud, fit, slug, append, add together, amount, moppet, sum up, big, juvenile, lend, match, correspond, yearling, youngster, bambino, add, number, jibe, baby, summarize, contribute, shot, youth, bairn, make sense.

Usage examples: