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Definition of towering:

  1. Hence, extreme; violent; surpassing.
  2. Very high; elevated; rising aloft; as, a towering height.


plethoric, rare, eloquent, better, high-minded, airy, exorbitant, proud, rarefied, undue, level, overpowering, grave, noble-minded, low, overextravagant, lavish, exceptional, precipitous, sky-high, uplifted, idealistic, dire, noble, intolerable, overwhelming, unconscionable, singular, stiff, overdue, baroque, out of sight, immoderate, uncommon, standout, elevated, unmerciful, extreme, rarified, formal, sublime, staggering, higher, extraordinary, fancy, rigorous, overmuch, insane, tall, low-rise, extravagant, soaring, high-flown, gallant, overweening, acute, altitudinous, aerial, profound, desperate, preeminent, exalted, eminent, steep, devilish, awful, outstanding, knee-high, lofty, remarkable, inordinate, high, severe, unusual, usual, stately, serious.

Usage examples: