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Definition of transcendental:

  1. A transcendentalist.


uncanny, mystic, supersensible, mysterious, superphysical, fantastic, mystical, unfathomed, recondite, vague, hypothetical, original, astral, spirituality, nonnatural, innate, theoretical, superhuman, unknown, incomprehensible, unearthly, miraculous, dark, secret, phenomenal, extramundane, ideal, inscrutable, beyond grasp, magical, metaphysical, intellectual, abstruse, extrasensory, unintelligible, real, spiritual, primordial, the Other Side, supernatural, abstract, hypothetic, transcendent, cabalistic, supernormal, occult, obscure, otherworldly, paranormal, preternatural, inexplicable, hidden, unfathomable, intuitive, enigmatical, theoretic.

Usage examples: