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Definition of transgress:

  1. Hence, to overpass, as any prescribed as the imit of duty; to break or violate, as a law, civil or moral.
  2. To offend against the law; to sin.
  3. To offend against; to vex.
  4. To pass over or beyond; to surpass.


erupt, despoil, cashier, fall in, break the law, scandalize, do, break down, reveal, damp, rive, pause, go, dishonor, trespass, rend, scandalise, get out, fail, dishonour, take advantage, contravene, desecrate, wear out, break dance, entrench on, assault, sin, gap, crush, expose, buck, discontinue, injure, recrudesce, exceed, break off, split up, divulge, soften, appall, go against, bring out, break, fly in the face of the law, rupture, hurt, right, profane, top, check, intrude, weaken, pique, wear, burst, boob, wound, break up, come apart, goof, break out, separate, blunder, demote, snap off, let out, pass, shock, plunder, fracture, flout, defy, intermit, bump, resist, sever, better, part, overstep, rebel, drop the ball, shiver, infract, conk out, go past, ruin, unwrap, get around, sunder, cave in, bruise, split, fall apart, develop, give way, relegate, die, demolish, destroy, spoil, founder, discover, bankrupt, break in, err, encroach upon, offend, disclose, breach, violate, disobey, outrage, ravish, let on, give away, crack, stop, interrupt, disobey, kick downstairs, rape, shatter, go bad, appal, collapse, break away, bust, spite, dampen, smash, give, give out.

Usage examples: