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Definition of transit:

  1. A line or route of passage or conveyance; as, the Nicaragua transit.
  2. An instrument resembling a theodolite, used by surveyors and engineers; - called also transit compass, and surveyor's transit.
  3. The act of passing; passage through or over.
  4. The act or process of causing to pass; conveyance; as, the transit of goods through a country.
  5. The passage of a heavenly body over the meridian of a place, or through the field of a telescope.
  6. The passage of a smaller body across the disk of a larger, as of Venus across the sun's disk, or of a satellite or its shadow across the disk of its primary.
  7. To pass over the disk of ( a heavenly body).


navigate, trip, peregrinate, cover, departure, get across, perambulate, freight, jump, action, infiltrate, musical passage, journey, cut across, disturbance, pass over, get over, passageway, flight, pilgrimage, excursion, deportation, voyage, handing over, travel, cut through, telescope, tour, link, cut, skip over, locomotion, cross, public transportation, expatriation, expedition, follow, skip, wipe, shipping, traverse, pass through, fare, transport, passage, transportation, exile, passing, move through, communication, theodolite, pass across, transportation system, movement, transferral, overfly, motion, public transport, carriage, transition, conveyance, enactment, track, mover, arrivals, service, mass transit.

Usage examples: