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Definition of transmission:

  1. The act of transmitting, or the state of being transmitted; as, the transmission of letters, writings, papers, news, and the like, from one country to another; the transmission of rights, titles, or privileges, from father to son, or from one generation to another.
  2. The right possessed by an heir or legatee of transmitting to his successor or successors any inheritance, legacy, right, or privilege, to which he is entitled, even if he should die without enjoying or exercising it.


cross-infection, calorific, absorbance, fester, delivery, deliverance, pick up, device, ghosting, feature, balance, broadcast, attraction, transportation, self-expression, cerebellum, brainstem, acceleration, automatic transmission, transmittal, defense, ABS, brain cell, antilock braking system, liaison, get, brain damage, release, sending, importation, jam, bottom gear, GPS, directional, brain, discourse, cross-contamination, candida, centripetal force, transmission system, amplitude, bonding, interference, contact, bulletin, breakfast television, cerebral, brain death, passage, transmittance, antibody, closed-captioned, docudrama, cell, biosecurity, central nervous system, conveyance, contagion, air brake, correspondence, docusoap, brake fluid, air resistance, frequency, communication, infection, chat show, centrifugal force, call-in, defense mechanism, alternator, articulation, radar, transmitting, capillary action, documentary, footprint, cross-fertilization, cerebral cortex, contagious disease, interaction, carrier, brake pad, brainwave.

Usage examples: