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Definition of travail:

  1. Labor with pain; severe toil or exertion.
  2. Parturition; labor; as, an easy travail.
  3. Same as Travois.
  4. To harass; to tire.
  5. To labor with pain; to toil.
  6. To suffer the pangs of childbirth; to be in labor.


roil, accouchement, attempt, prod, strait, jab, cut into, churn, hurt, stew, outwear, drudgery, birth, crusade, wear upon, start, agony, rack, effort, comminute, birthing, fag, get the picture, drudge, confinement, campaign, labour, fag out, slavery, fret, tire, parturiency, strive, woe, excruciation, task, fatigue, craunch, ordeal, wear out, compass, exertion, wear down, trade union movement, childbearing, restriction, apprehend, tragedy, push, boil, grind, strain, work, birthing, wear, tribulation, savvy, lying-in, torture, hollow, undertaking, trouble, grok, torment, weary, dig, dig out, exploit, comprehend, lather, stab, nightmare, worst-case scenario, quagmire, jade, project, drive, crisis, delivery, donkeywork, tug, dig up, excavate, turn over, movement, childbirth, work, hell, sweat, bray, pain, poke, delve, elbow grease, working class, drudgery, toil, grate, perspiration, labor movement, crunch, endeavor, cause, stress, anguish, cranch, mash, affliction, grasp, endeavour, parturition, misery, moil, try, swither, proletariat, feat, battle, sudor, childbed, labor, tire out.

Usage examples: