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Definition of travel:

  1. An account, by a traveler, of occurrences and observations during a journey; as, a book of travels; - often used as the title of a book; as, Travels in Italy.
  2. Labor; parturition; travail.
  3. The act of traveling, or journeying from place to place; a journey.
  4. The length of stroke of a reciprocating piece; as, the travel of a slide valve.
  5. To force to journey.
  6. To go or march on foot; to walk; as, to travel over the city, or through the streets.
  7. To journey over; to traverse; as, to travel the continent.
  8. To labor; to travail.
  9. To pass by riding, or in any manner, to a distant place, or to many places; to journey; as, a man travels for his health; he is traveling in California.
  10. To pass; to go; to move.


drop dead, fit, hiking, live, expedition, spark off, activate, stumble, sound, conk, operate, peregrinate, rifle, act, go away, go bad, spread, fare, extend, start, get going, actuate, trip up, get around, prompt, driving, give way, knowledge, move around, die, pass away, touch off, set off, propel, traveling, get, hold up, get off, touring, trip, locomote, incite, motivate, snuff it, roving, motivity, pilgrimage, last, make a motion, excursion, conk out, expire, rambling, decease, belong, lead, travelling, live on, turn on, pop off, be active, plump, strike, circulate, wayfaring, perish, give out, choke, run short, trigger off, run, flying, blend in, locomotion, move, wend, jaunt, displace, fail, orbiting, become, cash in one's chips, push on, function, break, work, trigger, remove, blend, break down, depart, turn, run low, survive, motive power, give-up the ghost, impress, exit, wandering, sailing, croak, change of location, endure, go around, go, transit, proceed, affect, spark, buy the farm, riding, kick the bucket, pass, hold out, trip out.

Usage examples: