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Definition of treasure:

  1. A great quantity of anything collected for future use; abundance; plenty.
  2. That which is very much valued.
  3. To collect and deposit, as money or other valuable things, for future use; to lay up; to hoard; usually with up; as, to treasure up gold.
  4. Wealth accumulated; especially, a stock, or store of money in reserve.


valuate, reserve, collector, comfort, mensch, take account, riches, revalue, save, apprize, feature, entertain, rate, honor, concern, star, angel, store up, core, boast, retain, novelty, gemstone, collectible, savior, prize, measure, assess, inventory, Samaritan, antique, basis, lever, respect, priority, antiquarian, backlog, reservoir, harbor, essence, jump for joy, find, bauble, fairy godmother, cling to, stash, nurture, set aside, nest egg, plum, brighten, muffin, jewelry, rejoice in, crown jewel, chain, go-to guy, collect, precious stone, nest egg, collector's item, cheer, artifact, affluence, look forward to, riches, staple, nurse, nourish, value, artefact, hoarded wealth, saint, evaluate, pry, be happy for someone, element, burning issue/question, abundance, encourage, owned, protect, pearl, key, apprise, gem, antiquity, foster, jewellery, trinket, bling, treat, pride, credit, appraise, live happily ever after, pile, appreciate, stone, rejoice, cherish, hold dear, reserve, jimmy, rich, shelter, keep, pelf, collection, care for, esteem, prise, thrive on.

Usage examples: