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Definition of trench:

  1. A long, narrow cut in the earth; a ditch; as, a trench for draining land.
  2. An alley; a narrow path or walk cut through woods, shrubbery, or the like.
  3. An excavation made during a siege, for the purpose of covering the troops as they advance toward the besieged place. The term includes the parallels and the approaches.
  4. To cut furrows or ditches in; as, to trench land for the purpose of draining it.
  5. To cut; to form or shape by cutting; to make by incision, hewing, or the like.
  6. To dig or cultivate very deeply, usually by digging parallel contiguous trenches in succession, filling each from the next; as, to trench a garden for certain crops.
  7. To encroach; to intrench.
  8. To fortify by cutting a ditch, and raising a rampart or breastwork with the earth thrown out of the ditch; to intrench.
  9. To have direction; to aim or tend.


gorge, cockpit, fosse, bunker, encroach, blowhole, cleft, box canyon, crack, intrench, main, aperture, bastion, entrench, drainage canal, communication trench, tank-trap, pillbox, foxhole, dugout, sap, abyss, cranny, front-line trench, beachhead, breach, revetment, ditch, battlefield, hollow, tube, gulch, drain, sheugh, chuck, oceanic abyss, crater, dell, fortification, dump, creek, strong point, dike, disputed, depression, glen, approach trench, breastwork, machine-gun nest, gulley, canyon, excavation, slit trench, basin, deep, dig in, chink, impinge, bridgehead, emplacement, earthwork, cavity, redoubt, moat, entrenchment, buffer zone, dale, infringe, arroyo.

Usage examples: