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Definition of tricky:

  1. Given to tricks; practicing deception; trickish; knavish.


taxing, guileful, chancy, prickly, tricksy, untruthful, honest, testing, impossible, dicey, deceitful, unstable, catchy, untrustworthy, silky, problematic, touchy, dubious, challenging, knavish, intricate, unscrupulous, intolerable, punishing, cunning, difficult, fraudulent, sly, crafty, corrupt, unprincipled, clear-cut, silklike, glib, attention-getting, wily, intractable, touch-and-go, be an effort, chanceful, satiny, perplexing, cagey, hard, silken, sticky, hairy, pat, critical, artful, delicate, spiny, involved, means, slippery, beguiling, awkward, untrusty, dodgy, slick, sleek, ability, easy, dishonest, slippy, foxy, sensitive, cute, nasty.

Usage examples: