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Definition of trig:

  1. A stone, block of wood, or anything else, placed under a wheel or barrel to prevent motion; a scotch; a skid.
  2. Full; also, trim; neat.
  3. To fill; to stuff; to cram.
  4. To stop, as a wheel, by placing something under it; to scotch; to skid.


style, order, tight, with-it, spare, taut, usual, fashionable, clear-cut, mod, orderly, groom, trim, well-kept, swish, slick up, posh, sharp, spick-and-span, modish, snug, in, swank, tony, clean-cut, snappy, trendy, smart, classy, shipshape, trigonometry, spruce, tidy, stylish, clear, tailored, neat, chic, dashing, swanky, well-groomed, clean.

Usage examples: