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Definition of trimming:

  1. a. from Trim, v.
  2. of Trim
  3. That which serves to trim, make right or fitting, adjust, ornament, or the like; especially, the necessary or the ornamental appendages, as of a garment; hence, sometimes, the concomitants of a dish; a relish; - usually in the pluraltrimmings. -.
  4. The act of one who trims.
  5. The act of reprimanding or chastisting; as, to give a boy a trimming.


ornamentation, newspaper clipping, drubbing, extending, increasing, lashing, whipping, rout, reward, clip, trim, press cutting, embellishment, hiding, trimness, clipping, accessory, dusting, attack, press clipping, licking, snip, vanquishment, beautiful, passementerie, garniture, beating, embellishment, flogging, garnishment, thrashing, edging, massacre, win, overthrow, defeat.

Usage examples: