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Definition of tripping:

  1. A light dance.
  2. Act of one who, or that which, trips.
  3. Having the right forefoot lifted, the others remaining on the ground, as if he were trotting; trippant; - said of an animal, as a hart, buck, and the like, used as a bearing.
  4. of Trip
  5. Quick; nimble; stepping lightly and quickly.
  6. The loosing of an anchor from the ground by means of its cable or buoy rope.


lighthearted, light-colored, easy, spry, idle, promiscuous, clean, low-cal, unclouded, wanton, unaccented, light, lite, swinging, loose, scant, calorie-free, blithesome, light-headed, agile, quick, light-hearted, wakeful, rhythmical, short, swingy, light-footed, lightsome, lilting, faint, sluttish, rhythmic, weak, swooning, blithe, clear, lightheaded, abstemious.

Usage examples: