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Definition of trounce:

  1. To punish or beat severely; to whip smartly; to flog; to castigate.


thump, oppress, tap out, chit-chat, remonstrate, toss, claver, criminate, arouse, skunk, grumble, smear, work over, knock out, chide, jam, clobber, bewilder, overwhelm, twit, whisk, exhaust, taunt, blast, dust, dress down, thrash, massacre, lather, frustrate, strap, lambast, razz, bother, beat out, flummox, snow under, flap, cut down, annihilate, berate, tucker, jaw, overreach, mop up, chat, outsmart, wash up, chew up, squash, reproof, lecture, smother, whomp, torment, wallop, whup, thump out, paste, mystify, yack, tantalise, blister, dun, bunk, lambaste, ticktock, shellac, dumbfound, stir, raise, wax, bring up, take to task, smash, vex, get at, husk, baffle, pip, ticktack, point out, scald, trim, flog, thresh about, quiver, vanquish, confabulate, break down, puzzle, ride, get to, get, outfox, pulsate, tantalize, tucker out, drum, call down, evoke, bedevil, crucify, thrum, gossip, convulse, circumvent, chaffer, gash, tromp, thrash about, chew out, pose, shoot the breeze, beat, flatten, manducate, censure, irritate, outwit, yack away, stick, perplex, invoke, thresh, squelch, bury, bait, conjure up, pummel, scramble, nark, talk, drub, squeeze, call forth, smoke, yap away, tease, lash, claver, chew the fat, cane, tick, nettle, confab, nonplus, worst, grouch, whip, cod, underdress, chew, skin, have words, chitchat, scold, rack up, amaze, masticate, suppress, rile, chatter, crush, shell, stupefy, rag, rebuke, reprimand, bawl out, whop, rattle on, cream, mash, gravel, chafe, steamroller, devil, soap, put forward, demolish, bomb, annoy, beat up, jactitate, welt, slash, blow away, natter, conjure, rally, visit, call on the carpet.

Usage examples: