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Definition of truly:

  1. Conformably to law; legally; legitimately.
  2. Exactly; justly; precisely; accurately; as, to estimate truly the weight of evidence.
  3. In a true manner; according to truth; in agreement with fact; as, to state things truly; the facts are truly represented.
  4. In fact; in deed; in reality; in truth.
  5. Sincerely; honestly; really; faithfully; as, to be truly attached to a lover; the citizens are truly loyal to their prince or their country.


factual, yea, hands down, accurate, deeply, all right, inarguably, scrupulously, verily, objective, precisely, really, exact, realistic, literally, genuinely, perfect, assuredly, specific, certain, undeniable, sincerely yours, reliably, for fair, greatly, true, right, definite, undeniably, truthfully, wrongly, a lot, forsooth, thoroughly, unarguably, very, particularly, alright, admittedly, real, indisputably, sincerely, essentially, strict, plainly, incontrovertibly, precise, sure, in truth, firm, unerring, clearly, justly, undoubtedly, reliable, incontestably, so, indeed, exactly, frankly, simply, unfeignedly, unquestionably, certifiably, doubtless, evidently, well, immensely, correct, scientifically, easily, rightfully, nay, authentic, rattling.

Usage examples: