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Definition of tuck:

  1. A horizontal sewed fold, such as is made in a garment, to shorten it; a plait.
  2. A long, narrow sword; a rapier.
  3. A pull; a lugging.
  4. A small net used for taking fish from a larger one; - called also tuck- net.
  5. Food; pastry; sweetmeats.
  6. The beat of a drum.
  7. The part of a vessel where the ends of the bottom planks meet under the stern.
  8. To contract; to draw together.
  9. To draw up; to shorten; to fold under; to press into a narrower compass; as, to tuck the bedclothes in; to tuck up one's sleeves.
  10. To full, as cloth.
  11. To inclose; to put within; to press into a close place; as, to tuck a child into a bed; to tuck a book under one's arm, or into a pocket.
  12. To make a tuck or tucks in; as, to tuck a dress.


gain, knit, infix, put in, foregather, conglomerate, pile up, cumulate, crumple, stick in, garner, forgather, cockle, rapier, folding, plait, get together, pull together, accumulate, inclose, amass, ruck up, ruck, rumple, slip in, introduce, sneak in, enclose, insert, gather, collect, enter, meet, pucker, assemble.

Usage examples: