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Definition of tucker:

  1. A fuller.
  2. A narrow piece of linen or the like, folded across the breast, or attached to the gown at the neck, forming a part of a woman's dress in the 17th century and later.
  3. Daily food; meals; also, food in general.
  4. One who, or that which, tucks; specifically, an instrument with which tuck are made.
  5. To tire; to weary; - usually with out.


lave, stick, play out, baffle, work over, eat, perplex, do in, flummox, thump, expel, gravel, flap, bewilder, tick, outfox, eat up, outwit, ticktack, pose, crush, circumvent, stupefy, eject, scramble, bunk, beat, quiver, knock out, beat up, puzzle, ticktock, beat out, tire out, discharge, do the dishes, dumbfound, pulsate, thrum, pound, shell, outsmart, drum, sap, exhaust, tucker out, deplete, overreach, get, wipe out, Sophie Tucker, nonplus, wash up, use up, run down, mystify, trounce, take it out of, benjamin ricketson tucker, run through, amaze, consume, release, vanquish, vex, tired, run ragged.

Usage examples: