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Definition of tunnel:

  1. A level passage driven across the measures, or at right angles to veins which it is desired to reach; - distinguished from the drift, or gangway, which is led along the vein when reached by the tunnel.
  2. A vessel with a broad mouth at one end, a pipe or tube at the other, for conveying liquor, fluids, etc., into casks, bottles, or other vessels; a funnel.
  3. An artificial passage or archway for conducting canals or railroads under elevated ground, for the formation of roads under rivers or canals, and the construction of sewers, drains, and the like.
  4. The opening of a chimney for the passage of smoke; a flue; a funnel.
  5. To catch in a tunnel net.
  6. To form into a tunnel, or funnel, or to form like a tunnel; as, to tunnel fibrous plants into nests.
  7. To make an opening, or a passageway, through or under; as, to tunnel a mountain; to tunnel a river.


crosscut, crawl space, underground passage, mine, tube, pit, crawlway, subway, drift, adit, burrow.

Usage examples: